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The Sacred Horse Cards

The spiritual bond between Horse and Human traces back to the beginning of time. Horses have been depicted as the closest partners in the evolution of humankind and are seen in ancient mythology, native spirituality and many, many religions. These cards have been intuitively developed and channel the wisdom of The Sacred Horse to offer inspiration for day-to-day life. The messages vary from practical to magical and touch the realms in between!

Ask The Sacred Horse Cards a specific question, address a certain challenge or simply invite inspiration from the Field of Wisdom!

“It is the virtue of The Sacred Horse to touch your heart with wisdom and affirmation when choosing one of the 44 unique Cards, beautifully illustrated by Diana Lancaster.  It is my hope that you love these cards as much as I have loved co-creating them for you, in communion with The Sacred Horse!”   ~Fotini Chandrika

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What People are Saying...

"The Sacred Horse Cards stay true to the spirit of the Horse and their Divine nature.  The author and artist’s spirit and intention in creating these magical cards have captured the essence of The Sacred Horse.  The messages resonate on every level, providing insight and reminding me to take time to reflect on how I show up each day.   The artwork is mystical and magical.  I find myself looking forward to starting off my day with words of wisdom from The Sacred Horse” ~Andrea B., Meditation Guide, Reiki Practitioner, Volunteer with Senior Horses
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