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Yoga Teacher Training

"Recognize that unlearning is the highest form of learning." ~ Rumi

*mindful movement& breath
*spiritual practice
*trauma awareness

Next cohort begins Fall 2024 (dates tba)

Yoga at Home

Registered Yoga School with Canadian Tax Benefit

The "Art of Sadhana" 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training curriculum is focused on fulfilling the requirements of the Yoga Alliance in a way that is supportive and welcoming to explore, no matter what your Yoga background is in a blend of online and in-person teaching.


You will receive a T2202 for Canadian Tax benefit as well as Certification that qualifies for registration as a RYT-200 with the Yoga Alliance.

Investment: $4,444 plus hst

payment plans available


Yoga for Self-Discovery

Join us at Red Barn Wellness Farm, surrounded by nature and Horses, while engaging in deep study and embodiment of the eight limbs of yoga. Explore connection of mind-body-spirit through breath, movement and the creative process that is essential to the holistic Yoga practice.

Engage in practicum in order to prepare to teach Yoga classes to the general public upon graduation.

Small class sizes.

Blend of in-person, online and self-study


A Diversity of Experience

Fotini Chandrika, E-RYT-500, is the lead trainer of the 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training.

Fotini brings over 20 years of Yoga experience combined with a wealth of knowledge and accreditation in Ayurveda, Vedic Counseling, Expressive Arts, Aromatherapy, Energy Medicine, Trauma Awareness and much more.

She weaves nature and creativity into the Yoga Teacher Training program to support students in the full embodiment of the practice.

Horse Wisdom Yoga

July 18-22, 2024
private& virtual training available

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On-Site Training Approved by the

Yoga Alliance

The intensive Horse Wisdom Yoga® 5-Day on-site creative experience is designed for Certified Yoga Teachers with a minimum of 200 hours of teacher training. This program is approved by the Yoga Alliance for 40 hours of continuing education..

Participants will partner with the Horse as Teacher to learn how to facilitate one on one Horse Wisdom Yoga® sessions and small workshops for their Yoga students and Wellness clientele.

Investment: $2,888 plus hst


Space is limited to 4 participants.

Includes wholesome plant-based lunch each day.

Supported Practicum Period with Your Horses

In the three months following the on-site training, participants will bring their knowledge back to their Horses in order to practice Horse Wisdom Yoga® activities and prepare to offer their unique services to their clients!

Participants receive over two dozen approved activities, including those designed for creative self-reflection after time with the Horses.

Participants will be equipped with the resources and support to confidently carry out their practicum as well as the science to support the magic!

Horse Wisdom Yoga® is not Yoga on Horseback. 

Alumni Membership and Authentic Community

Participants are invited to join our private community on Facebook. inspired by The Sacred Horse..


Our community is one of genuine compassion and care. Confidentiality is our cornerstone and we support one another on this incredible journey, together with Horses.

Upon completion of all program requirements, Horse Wisdom Yoga® Certified Teachers are featured on our Alumni Directory.

*200 hr Yoga teacher training (from an approved school) is the prerequisite for this program.*

Energy Medicine

private & virtual training  available

meditation with Spirit.jpg

Reiki Level I
Sept 6, 2024


Reiki Level II
Sept 7, 2024

Equine Healing & Heart Communication
Sept 8 & 9, 2024

Learn about raising your vibration and understanding the energy within you and around you.


Tap into the Universal Life Force Energy as you learn how to support balance within your Self and those in your life (humans, plants, food and animals), drawing on ancient energy based practices.

Reconnect with the energy 'super powers'  innate to you, simply by being human.


Move beyond the mind and into the body and breath as you reacquaint yourself with your Divine wisdom and Guides.

Investment: $274 plus hst

This course is the pre-requisite training for Level II.

Deepen your understanding and learn to hear the whispers of the powerful signs and symbols that offer us guidance and support us when we are willing to listen. Connect with the energy of the more-than-human world as allies for healing.


Explore various forms of high frequency Energy Medicine as a

complementary offering that can be an invaluable addition to your wellness practices. 

Learn how to work with sound, color, aroma and gems as a way to enhance any space or service.

Investment: $337 plus hst

This course is the pre-requisite training for

Equine Healing & Heart Communication

Join Fotini Chandrika, together with speakers from a renowned expert panel and learn about intuitive holistic Horse care that is inspired by spiritual presence, powered by nature, and in consideration of the whole Horse. Joined by our guest speakers and guided by Horse, together we will remember the way of being with The Sacred Horse that moves away from the agenda of ego-driven perfection and eases back into the state of natural, healing, organic flow of harmony between Horse & human.

*The information in this program is not intended to replace regular veterinarian care*

Click here to meet the Equine Guided Experts

Click here to start The Sacred Horse Stewardship program!

Are you passionate about sharing a deeper connection with the Horses and animals in your life?


Become introduced to sacred stewardship practices that support Equine Healing & Heart Communication while developing  your "Horse Listening" skills, including from a distance..


Learn powerful practices to help you trust your intuition and embody your wisdom, without self-doubt and self-judgment.


Connect with the art of being present with your Horses in order to communicate, heart to heart, and support their healing.

Investment: $677 plus hst.  

Space is limited.

*Level II is a Prerequisite for this training.*

4 Day Intensive Bundle (Levels I, II & Equine) $1,111 plus hst.
Please contact us for more information about Virtual or Private Training.

Sacred Stewardship

9 module online program


Explore the way of the Horse in order to offer an environment conducive to their natural instincts so that they can be their best in all aspects of their lives and relationships.

Learn how to truly become the benevolent listener when it comes to knowing what is best for your Horses through intuitive connection. Allow the Horses to guide you to what they want and need through observation and subtle communication.  Get to know your Horses on a deeper level so that you can notice the nuances and feel the subtleties that are the guide to their choice and consent within their enrichment and care . Explore the Horse as a reflection of you and share a special way of being together that supports reciprocity of presence, wisdom and healing.

Step out of your own way to speak in the authentic language of mindful presence with Horses and gain their unwavering trust so that they are willing to share their magnificence with you!


Deepen your understanding of the innate gifts and medicines that your Horse embodies so that you can flow with your Horses natural state of mind, body and spirit, as well as your own!

Learn about your Horse's energetic bodies and how you can support their healing through subtle practices that offer your presence, connection and understanding to your Horse.

Explore nature's cycles (moon phases, season changes and the cycle of mares), how they effect you and your Horse as well as how you can work with these cycles for the ultimate well-being of both you and your Horse.

Develop sacred rituals to practice with your Horses to create deeper spiritual connection.

*The information provided is not intended to replace veterinarian care


Horses are constantly working to balance themselves, their herds and their caregivers! As non-predatory animals, they are tirelessly present in their surroundings.

Work with nature's medicine to develop a foundation of knowledge to support your Horse's natural ability to heal various conditions. with the help of essential oils, healing vibrations, and plant medicines. Experience the magic of the Horse as they take the opportunity to reflect back your needs through reverence to theirs.

Explore foundational body and energy work techniques to support the whole Horse and in order to serve your Horse's highest potential, offering the opportunity to rest and recover from the heavy responsibilities of day to day life as a sensitive, empathic prey animal.

*There are no prerequisites for The Sacred Horse Stewardship Program*

If any of the programs on the unLearning Path have lit a spark in your heart, please contact us to book a free 20 minute telephone consultation so we can explore the possibilities and follow bliss ...
together with Horses!

Horse Wisdom Yoga® Certified Teacher, Jo Ann Koniuch (founder of 'at hOMe with Jo'), joined by one of her Horse Teachers, Ginny,  shares her reflections after completing her 3 month practicum and program requirements that followed her 5 day on-site experience.  Learn more about Jo Ann and our growing community of Graduates on our Alumni Directory page. 

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