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Through these programs and services, Fotini weaves her professional training and personal experience in the following modalities:

*Trauma-informed Yoga Therapist accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists

* Yoga Alliance approved Yoga Teacher at E-RYT 500 level

* 300 hour Meditation Teacher Training with Dr. Stephen Rinaldi and the University of Holistic Theology

*Meditation Studies with University of Toronto's Contemplative Studies Education

*Equine Facilitated Learning Certification through Horse Spirit Connections

*Training in the Trauma Informed Equine Guided Practice - A Registered Psychotherapist's approach for EFL professionals"

*Expressive Arts Therapy Foundational Training with Create Institute

*Trauma Awareness in Expressive Arts through training in The "Art of Trauma" with Create Institute

*Trauma Informed Coaching and Counseling Training with Lynn Fraser (Author of 'Friends With Your Mind' and Founder of The Stillpoint Method)

*Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training with Lynn Fraser and Alison Ruskin from Yoga Farm Ithica

* 600 hour training in Ayurvedic Healing & Vedic Counselling through the American Institute of Vedic Studies and Dr. David Frawley including sound, herbs, aroma, marma point and pranic healing

* 375 hours of Herbal Medicine training with the Chestnut School of Herbal Medicine

*Clinical Aromatherapist certification through Joyessence Aromatherapy

*Equine Aromatherapist certification and Holistic Horse Care studies through 1:1 Mentorship with Catherine Bird, Author of 'A Healthy Horse, The Natural Way''

* Energy Medicine & Heart Communication (for Animals and Humans) through Advanced Level Usui Reiki Training and the Way of the Horse

*Foundational training in Equine Acupressure with Tallgrass Acupressure Institute

*"Add Heart" facilitation training through The Heart Math Institute

*Sound healing studies through Tibetan Sound Bowl Healing Certification

*Studies of the Neuro-divergence of Highly Sensitive People with Julie Bjelland, LMFT

*Guest Faculty for Carroll College's Equine Assisted Services Program in Montana

*Over a Decade of full time Holistic Horse Stewardship

*Ongoing study of the Horse-Human relationship in art, religion & history

*Creative Visionary/Co-Creator with Horse

*Wellness Entrepreneur, Mentor & Coach

*Lifelong connection with Horses and the Animal Kingdom

*Lifetime experience as an Intuitive, Empath and Highly Sensitive Person

Fotini is a regular contributor to various equine/wellness magazine publications (including Equine Wellness magazine, Ayurveda Mantra, Arts Talk & Equine Leadership), podcasts (including Art of Healing, Light on Living, The Connected Yoga Teacher & Heart Soul Wisdom)and special events, including being a presenter at the 2021 Healing with Horse Symposium, Radical Recovery Summit and the 2022 Art of Horsemen - Virtual Fair

Fotini processes, integrates and shares her personal healing  journey with Horses through co-creative outlets such as writing (check out her Blog), poetry, children's books, photography and painting on canvas using the  "low-skill/high sensitivity" model that she incorporates into her client practice. Through channeling Horse Wisdom, she has co-created 'The Sacred Horse Cards', beautifully illustrated by Diana Lancaster, carrying messages from the Field of Wisdom! 

Fotini's devotion to nurturing her unique Gifts and to helping other highly sensitive beings has benefited hundreds on their holistic wellness path, both two and four legged. 

Following Bliss, Together with Horses

Welcome to Awaken With Horses International!

The Horses and I are so delighted that you are here!

As a child, I had an undeniable connection to animals. I was gifted with the ability to "hear them speak".  I was also born an empath, connecting deeply with the energy of others, animals and humans. So much so that it almost felt like I could "feel their truth" in my own body. It was quite confusing as a young child because, along with feeling truth, I could also feel all that was not aligned with truth. After many years of doing the "inner work", I have finally harnessed this incredible attunement as my unique superpower! 

My journey with Horses began as a highly sensitive, young city girl visiting the farm. The very first time I looked into their large, soft eyes; they told me a story. A story of wisdom, a story of hope.  They reflected back to me my own highly sensitive, empathic nature. A nature that did not always "fit" into the systems of mainstream Western society. 

Many years later, in 2003, during a personal health crisis (ie. catalyst!), I began the journey of remembering my authentic self, diving deep into contemplative practice (yoga, meditation, art, poetry...) and the way of the Horse.  Through this intuitively co-creative journey, I found my life purpose in the mission of Horse, which we are here to share with you!

Through Horse's highly sensitive, non predatory nature and their ability to honestly reflect human energy, imbalance and emotion, the wisdom of Horse has taken contemplative practice to its highest level of self-realization and unified consciousness. The Horses guide us to a sacred remembering of all that is truly innate to our being human; forgotten by many of us in the chaos and demands of modern day life. The Horses remind us that there is a better way...

My connection with Yoga has been so much more than physical postures and poses. From the time I was a young girl, spending countless hours with my best friend's Hindu family, I learned that Yoga is how we speak, how we eat, how we treat others and how we show up in the world. Yoga is a simple and co-creative way of Life, rooted in the wisdom of Nature. The Horses guide us through their purity and connection to "walk the talk" of Yoga.  Horse Wisdom Yoga®, as developed and practiced on our farm, is not Yoga on horseback and no riding takes place. The Herd is honored exclusively as who they are and for their natural gifts! And so are you!

In the 'Field of Wisdom', Horses hold space for the co-creative self-expression of humans and join us as we move through the transformation from "doing yoga" to "being yoga" in all aspects of our lives, on and off the mat; simply by being who they are; no restraint, no performance, no special training, no tricks. They reflect the innate abilities, gifts and wisdom available to us when we practice the simplicity of being who we are!

My journey with the Horse Collective, whom I refer to as 'The Sacred Horse', has led to my partnering with the magnificent Herd, in my family's benevolent stewardship; Spirit, Malachi, Penny and Isa,  in developing these one of a kind offerings which build the bridge from head to heart while deepening contemplative practice, breaking through failing systems, revealing limiting thought patterns, banishing counterintuitive belief systems..and leading us to this very moment where consciousness becomes unified in the full circles of life's natural cycles and the vital life force energy of unconditional love.

Whether you are an individual seeking personal wellness transformation and self-expression, seeking to expand your equine guided professional practice, or  simply looking for a new way of being with Horses that can deepen your own way of being who you authentically are, we invite you to join us as we weave ancient practice with ancestral wisdom of both Horse, human, in a sacred communion that connects us as One Divine Being.

Together, the Horses and I are on the mission to help sensitive, empathic individuals remember their voice, live their life's purpose and reclaim their true belonging within the natural world, while making it a better place for all Beings through reciprocal co-creation, loving kindness and care!

Are you ready to harness your Gifts, remember who you are, and join

The Sacred Horse on the mission to co-create a better world?

If so, we are ready to welcome you with open hearts.

Fotini Chandrika

~together with The Sacred Horse

"There are no words to describe the horse heart connection teachings that Fotini and the Horse Teachers have helped guide me and my herd on this beautiful journey. Fotini is absolutely beautiful on the inside and out. She is so knowledgeable, and supportive. I highly recommend this experience of learning Horse Wisdom Yoga® with her and her beautiful Horse Teachers. It has been transformational for my horses lives and mine. It has awakened my insights into connecting with my horses on such a deep level. So blessed and grateful"   ~Tammy DeGraw, Horse To Heart Wellness

Tammy DeGraw
Icelandic Horses
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