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Who is The Sacred Horse?

Every Horse is The Sacred Horse!

And you, my friend, have been Divinely guided to this awakening of Self through the Wisdom of The Sacred Horse.

It is a journey to travel outside of the "traditional" Horse (and human!) world and into this place of curiosity, intuition, mysticism and wonder. Along the path of The Sacred Horse, we are gifted with the incredible opportunity to dive deeper into the force field of Nature and All That Is. 

It is here that we gain access to our innate wisdom as caretaker and steward to this incredibly majestic being, the Horse.

There is no other animal that has contributed to human civilization more than the Horse. They have inspired our creativity for over 30,000 documented years with their depiction found in cave sketches, ivory carvings and clay sculptures. They have fought in our wars and carried the weight of our burdens on their backs as our willing partners. Somewhere along the way, we fell off the path of evolution and deeper into the trap of status and power, using Horses as a form of entertainment and a means to grow our egos rather than our hearts. At the very same time, losing sight of the connection with our own authentic nature.

In more recent decades, we have witnessed the healing impact of The Sacred Horse as more and more studies show the power of the Horse to help humans heal trauma and breakthrough harmful patterns and limiting beliefs.

Now, it has become clear that The Sacred Horse is here to guide our spiritual evolution and lead us on the path of awakening and freedom. They have stood by us for these thousands of years, never giving up on their true desire to help us spiritually evolve to a place of higher consciousness and healing where we can understand Nature and the sacred medicine that lives within us all.

If you are here and still reading this page, you are likely someone who appreciates the wisdom of Horses and wants to help the Horses heal through serving The Sacred Horse.  Perhaps you even feel that caring for your Horse is a devotional practice. I know I do.

If that is you, I see you. I hear you. I feel you.

Twenty years ago, I set out on the journey to heal the history of trauma in my ancestral lineage through the healing arts backed by the profound wisdom and power of The Sacred Horse. I quickly realized that I did not want to heal at the expense of another spiritual being, so the journey expanded into my desire to help the Horses heal.  A commitment to help 'heal the healers'.

In doing so, a reciprocity of healing and a dance of reflection began. I am offering the following support for you to share the same philosophy of intuitive wellness between you and your Horse.

Stewardship Support
Join us for The Sacred Horse Stewardship Program from the comfort of your home or barn!
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Stewardship Support
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Are you ready to connect to the Sacred within your Self and your Horse?

Do you desire to be of service to your Horse as an act of faith and spiritual devotion?

Do you find yourself in deep gratitude and appreciate of Horses for their selfless service to Humans in history and present day?

Can you feel when something is "off" with your Horse and are seeking the tools to help you help your Horse on the path of healing?

Do you want to become more attuned to your Horse's individual and unique needs?

The Sacred Horse Stewardship is a path of discovery and healing of the whole horse in a holistic way that is conducive to the natural instincts and wisdom of Horse. Guided by Fotini Chandrika and the Horse Teachers, you will explore the Sacred within you and your Horse as you walk the path of healing together as One.

The Sacred Horse Stewardship Support includes the following services:

  • Questionnaire to share details about your Horse with Fotini

  • Photo of your Horse and video submission of you and your Horse together, to Fotini via email

  • Energy Medicine reading and insights for you and your Horse

  • 2x Private 1 Hour Session with Fotini Chandrika via Zoom (or in person*)

  • Email summary of session, insights & reading with any holistic care recommendations 

  • 30 minute Follow Up Session via Zoom

  • BONUS The Sacred Horse Connection online program

Energy Exchange: $555 plus hst

If you are not ready to move forward with the full Stewardship support package but would still like to receive my support with your Horse, individual sessions are also available. Private 1:1 Zoom (or in-person*) Consultation for The Sacred Horse (1 hour)- $197 plus hst

*additional travel fee may apply

Through these offerings, I draw on my many years of  observation, self-study, practical experience and professional training in energy medicine, healing arts, therapeutic herbs, aromatherapy, holistic Horse care as well as the gifts that are innate to my being. Often times, more is called into the space such as whispers from the Land and your own higher Self. If it calls to your heart to help your Horses heal and discover you own special gifts in the process, please reach out to me so that we can walk together in service to The Sacred Horse.

To learn more about my personal and professional experiences, please click here...





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