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Molly Medvick-Walton


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Molly has had a passion for yoga since she took her first class in 2010. She has always felt a deep connection to nature and animals and is a health and wellness enthusiast.

She aspires to help people connect to their inner healer and as a horse lover, has found a deep therapeutic connection between yoga and horses, bringing their insight into her classes.


Her and her horse friend, Ghost, are working together to bring forth their own Horse Wisdom Yoga sessions in the near future. Molly also runs a small business, along with her mother and sister, they craft unique jewelry all made from semi precious stones.


She has taken her Reiki Level 1 and II, and completed her 200 Hour Horse Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training. She offers classes and workshops in the Bluffs/Beaches area of Toronto.


Instagram - @molly.bigloveyoga

Instagram - @biglovelittlestones

Email -

Rosalin Peacock


Palgrave, Ontario, Canada

Rosalin has had a love of the outdoors, nature and “all creatures great and small” from the time she was a very young girl. She would often ride her bicycle exploring the forests and streams close to her home in Toronto near the Don Valley, Wilket Creek and Sunnybrook Park, home of Central Don Stables.  As a young teen Ros was introduced to horses and has been blessed by their beauty, gentleness and spirit ever since.

When her daughter was two years old, she and her husband decided to leave the bustling Yonge and Eglinton area of Toronto to move to Caledon to be closer to family and raise their child. The green space provided ample opportunity for hiking, biking and riding the trails and meadows and explore the forests of this beautiful area only 50 mins from downtown Toronto.

At the same time Ros had been building her massage therapy and wellness practice in the heart of the Bay-Yorkville community. Fast forward almost three decades, she is still running her practice and clinic with a very loyal clientele, returning to Toronto most days of the week.

Along with Massage Therapy and Deep Tissue Release, Ros’s  passion also includes more subtle bodywork techniques like Craniosacral Therapy/Somato Emotional Release [Upledger Institute], Reiki I & II, Aromatherapy including Raindrop Technique and special individual blending of essential oils for emotional, physical and restorative balance, and last but not least, LaStone Massage (the original Hot Stone Massage).


Most recently Ros has completed her Horse Wisdom Yoga Certified Teacher Training with Fotini Chandrika Walton on her beautiful farm with her amazing herd of horses and welcoming yoga studio.

Over the last 15 years Ros has moved from a clinical treatment style of massage therapy to cultivating more of a holistic mind, body and spirit integrated style of bodywork that still specializes in the therapeutic applications of massage therapy but brings in a much deeper level of self awareness and wellness and therefore self healing to her clients.

Now with the completion of her Horse Wisdom Yoga Teacher Training 200 hour program, Ros has enhanced her own yoga practice and is now able to incorporate her teachings to her clients with greater expertise which will allow them to further enhance their own wellness, in mind, body and spirit.

The “horses are our willing partners and guide us in the transformation of “doing” yoga to “being” yoga. These majestic creatures lead us to a heart centered practice that is congruent and coherent to our true self and all of nature which is the ultimate intention of the ancient practice of yoga. Unity among all that is.” Fotini Chandrika Walton, Founder of Horse Wisdom Yoga.


Rosalin is honoured and blessed by all the horses that have touched her life over the many years and who will continue to touch her life and fill her soul with light, laughter, (sometimes tears), and deep joy and gratitude.

Ros is available for appointments on her farm in a home based practice located minutes from the quaint village of Palgrave in the rolling Hills of the Headwaters and Oak Ridges Moraine.

Available by Appointment only please:

Horse Wisdom Yoga:  One on one or small group sessions

Reiki Sessions and Chakra Balancing

Craniosacral Therapy

Aromatherapy / Raindrop Technique

Massage Therapy /Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release 




Tara Lee


Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada

My name is Tara Lee and I live in the City of Kawartha Lakes.  Horses have been deemed very valuable in my lifetime for almost 50 years.  I knew about this unexplainable interconnected relationship with my equine family from an early start.  


With a wealth of information received, I knew that my journey was to include the horse in a healing module, so that others could receive the same beneficial insights that I had.  As someone with first-hand personal experience with PTSD, the during and the after years of my experiences, my equine family taught me ways in which I could release what no longer served me. 


Once explored, these past experiences did not interfere with me living in the present.  Words have no value with a horse.  A mere energetic exchange is suffice. 


Creating a safe space where a client and horse can explore these energetic exchanges, with no fear of judgement or expressions, there can be a release or gain.  A union of horse and client.  Yoga (the union of all things). 


The horse’s connection to source, which then connects to your soul.   I welcome you to explore with self discovery, with my extended family, the horses. 



Whiskers Reveal

-Horse guided self discoveries-

Facebook: Whiskers Reveal


Nadene Bio.jpg


Schomberg, Ontario, Canada

Nadene Orsatti is a lifelong intuitive and empath, she has always had a connection to nature, animals, spirit and is continuing gaining knowledge to deepen her connection with life.

She has acquired gifts and knowledge along the way and has had a transformative journey that she is now sharing with others. She will inspire to you find the gifts of your own soul, self authentication, to guide you to grow, and live life with passion, vibrancy, vitality and purpose. Nadene teaches others how to nurture and nourish their own souls.

She is a RHN, (Registered Holistic Nutritionist), Spiritual Psychotherapist, Spiritual Director, a certified Horse Wisdom Yoga teacher, Reiki Master, healer, mentor and is a facilitator of energy in working with the Matrix, intuitive development, and meditation.

She is an artist, a Herbalist, and uses herbs with teas, essential oils and salts. She also has her Sacred Medicine path.

Nadene is here to help you to nurture your soul, to guide you to your own personal gifts, your authentic power, your own inner wisdom, and joy.

Nourishing your Soul, Nadene invites you to Roots & Wings

647 293 7770

Jeannette Johnstone


Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario, Canada

Jeannette begins her sessions from a Holistic approach that focuses on the entire body and mind. Spiritually focused yoga designed for the general adult population at the beginner level to intermediate level, with a special focus on facilitating self healing for her clients through restorative yoga practice and Thai Yoga Massage.


Compassionate touch is a powerful tool and through Jeannette’s education she feels confident providing treatments that bring a feeling of bliss on all levels of body, mind and soul. With the encouragement of always the possibility of sharing the magic of a Horse Wisdom Yoga session to connect from within.


Self-care and self-discovery, is an on going process for Jeannette. She feels there is always something to learn. Her passion is found in empowering others to take control of their health by providing them with holistic healing modalities and tools they need to feel great every day. Each treatment is completely individual and is guided by intuition and every client deepens her love for her practice. She feels so blessed to have a community of people that she feels privileged to

be working with.


Jeannette’s ultimate goal for her clients is to provide an opportunity for them to create a connection to the possibility of feeling and seeing life from a different perspective.

Maybe to experience ……a slight shift from within; to feel kindness, compassion and love for themselves and others.


Jeannette can be reached

She can be found on Instagram @vallariyogathai

Rona Welsh-Fromager


Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada

I have always had a connection with animals.  I was fortunate to move to a Farm when I was 6 years old where my passion for animals deepened.  Now here I am so many years later with my own farm; 5 horses, 2 bunnies, 1 cat and 1 dog. Many years ago when my daughter was taking riding lessons, I sought out being with the Horses in the barn.  They always bought me to a calm place and state of being.  In the Fall of 2013, circumstances brought to me to owning a Standard Bred Mare, she started me on my journey to working with Horses. Slowly, over the past 6 years we have the privledge of bringing  4 more Horses into our Herd.  We have 2 minis, and 2 large ponies each with their own wonderful personalities and reasons why they are with me.  Recently the starts aligned when I saw the training to become a Horses Wisdom Yoga® Certified Teacher.  My one Horse, Honey was asking me to pay attention and open my heart to the possibilities of my journey with them.  This training has truly opened my heart, to have faith and trust, as well as to the true companionship of the beautiful souls in my Horses.  They are super eager to work with to offer the same insight for people to truly connect with their authentic Selves.  Working with people is also something I love to do, as a previous high school teacher, I have seen the need for people to connect with their true Self, which is evident not only in Teens but also as Adults. 


Contact info:

Margaret Wierzba


Kawartha Lakes, Ontario, Canada

Margaret Wierzba Graduated from University of Wroclaw, Poland 1984 as E.C.E. Part of her extensive education included music both practical and theoretical as she was also a very artistic and passionate individual toward music. This culminated in her continuing into her post-grad in order to achieve her Early Childhood Music Education Diploma.


She is a full time music teacher at Aurora Montessori School, who is motivated by love for learning and succeeding as a professional woman in today’s society. Her future plans are to bring her musical talents and love for animals and nature into a harmonious balance that will allow her to share her passion with others. Also integrating Reiki into self-practice and teaching yoga will be part of these plans.


From a young age she had a hidden affection toward horses and other animals. However was never able to develop her love of nature until she discovered horses in person. Throughout her time with horses she explored a new avenue. As her caring and nurturing side slowly came to light she found that by combining her interests together she could both heal and calm people with music, natural oils / aromas and a time around beautiful horses. Some of her inspirations were derived from her various teachers and idols, such as: Linda Tellington Jones (founder of the T-touch healthcare guide), Fotini Chandrika Walton (Horse Wisdom Yoga ® Teacher Trainer and Advanced Reiki Practitioner), Sandra Nighswander (horse riding Instructor), Judy Griffiths (natural horsemanship), Anne Gage.


During her many years as a teacher she found that the effects that her music had on children and adults as well as on her pets were both relaxing and mending. When she found that yoga also had many of these themes in common her path toward musical healing yoga was set. After an arduous and rigorous training program she became a certified Yoga teacher.


Margaret continues to practice yoga and studying its various aspects for both personal growth and helping others. In Summer 2019, she became a Horse Wisdom Yoga® Certified Teacher, joining her passions for Horses, Art and Yoga. Her love for the art is as strong as ever and this drives her to further devote herself to yoga and healing power with music.

Margaret can be reached by:

telephone or text: 289-221-7834

Lorie Avery


Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada

As long as Lorie can remember she has been connected with animals, nature and people. Lorie excelled at verbal communication as she was skilled at covering up her learning disability. This meant Lorie grew into an expert at connecting with people by reading their energy, what they were not saying with words. She fine-tuned this innate ability into a 25 year career as a major gift fundraiser.

A car accident in 2010 which left Lorie physically unharmed but emotionally paralyzed in her bed lead to a diagnoses of “complex PTSD” from a double trauma suffered in the fall of 1999 when she lost her husband and father within a 2 months of each other weeks after the birth of her second child.  At that time having small children to care for Lorie did not have time to grieve the losses and kept going, like the energizer bunny. The accident and diagnosis forced Lorie to take a mental health leave and begin healing.

Lorie’s healing journey has included many kinds of therapies from psychotherapy to art therapy. In the end it was her spiritual awakening while on vacation in Thailand, which lead to honing mediation, yoga and connection to spirit through animals and nature that has provided the most healing.

Since her awaking Lorie has become a trained Therapeutic Touch Practitioner (energy healer), is a graduate of the Intuition and Psychic Development Advanced program at Toronto Psychic Services and has taken many courses including Crystal Healing, Animal Communication, Oracle Card Reading and different forms of expressive arts from painting to poetry.

Last spring her journey led her to become a certified Horse Wisdom Yoga Teacher and Facilitator. During her training and culminating projects Lorie honed her own style of trauma sensitive yoga that she named, Goddess Yoga; Awakening the Goddess Within”, a combination of visualization, Yin and Nia Yoga with a little Lorie Goddess thrown in. In tandem to this Lorie discovered the power of her expressive arts busts and has plans to offer classes in both Goddess Yoga and Expressive Arts Healing Busts.


If you are interested in learning more about Lorie’s classes or to book a private coaching session Lorie can be reached at a website is underdevelopment.

Karen Hedges


Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

*not currently accepting clients*

My name is Karen Hedges:

In everything that we do in life, there needs to be an intention. In all that I do, it is with the intention to help people focus on finding a path that brings them closer to their true self. Horses facilitate this discovery, to unearth what is important to the person, for whom they are holding space. The sessions with the horse are designed to unearth a way of communicating, a way of strengthening the relationship with the horse, which in turn can be taken away and applied in all aspects of life.

I am a teacher, a contemplative end of life care practitioner, and a yoga instructor, and it has always been my philosophy that the most important emphasis is not the final task or assignment.  The focus is on the learning, the process, and discoveries that surface about who you are. It is about the space you occupy in this life, during this journey, the transformation that occurs as confidence and knowledge are given and received, and those are the focus of all programs and workshops.

My horse, Pete, and I have been together for six years, and during those years I have learned more about myself, about relationships with others, and it has transformed the way I interact with family and friends. He and I have shared the most magical moments that only served to demonstrate the capacity of the horse’s heart and capacity to heal.

My daughter had been very ill, and it was impossible to get a firm diagnosis. It was heart wrenching to watch her month after months, struggling to walk because of dizziness, feeling nauseous, spending her days lying on the couch from morning til night. After months she finally began to feel more like herself, and I was finally able to go to the barn to see Pete, whom I felt was much neglected.

While in the arena with Pete, a woman approached and asked me how my daughter was doing; the stress of the past months welled up inside me; I fell into her arms crying. All of a sudden, there was Pete, pushing his way in between the woman and I, putting his head across my chest to rest on my shoulder. I could feel him consoling me, telling me it would be ok.

There are so many instances where Pete and I have communicated on a level I never thought possible. We have shared so many moments that have only deepened our relationship. Pete feels of me, he knows every emotion I feel, and when he speaks to me and I hear him, I can see how much it means to him.

As this journey and my knowledge continues, I am not wishing to enter another person’s lived experience, or change that person. My intent is to listen to what others have to say, to hold the space that allows for growth and transformation.

I would like to offer you the experience to join with the horse, to feel that amazing, magical connection that no other creature can offer, that in turn provides a glimpse into the depth of your own soul.

I can be reached via email

Emma Aadyha


Farmington, Prince Edward Island, Canada

I was introduced to spirituality, alternative healing modalities, and a love of the natural world from a young age. I am incredibly grateful to my mother, and her respect and curiosity for spirituality and alternative healing modalities. And to my father, for his deep respect for Mother Earth. Being a strong-willed/headstrong individual, I wanted to find what these things meant to me in my own time. Neither of my parents were forceful, but allowed me time and space to find where these things fit into me and how I choose to be in this life. 

My journey with horses started very young. I started taking riding lessons at six, and continued for 6 years with lessons and camps in the summer. I noticed early on that often the horses labelled with a “bad attitude” are the ones that I connect with the deepest. I have a soft spot for the beings that don’t conform perfectly.  

Around the age of 12, I had a traumatic experience which turned me off of horses for a handful of years. Thankfully, my sister never gave up her passion for these majestic beings, and got a mare of her own when we were still young. This gave me lots of time to re-introduce them into my life in ways that weren’t the “traditional” way of being with horses. Through her search for her most heart-centred way of being in relationship with horses, I found the beauty of just BEING with horses and the profound affect that has on a human.  

I’d always felt the pull to evolve and allow myself to grow into the best version of myself, and the depth of this draw is ever shifting. Depression, anxiety, an extremely active mind: these are some of the mental/emotional challenges I have faced off and on throughout my life, as I’m sure many of you reading this have as well. After all, we are not so different. I spent the first 24 years of my life not knowing that I am an empath; not knowing what an empath is. This allowed me to live out of alignment with my heart, since I couldn’t tell what my heart wanted over what other people wanted for me. Over the years, I moved away for University and then for work. Yoga came and went – I was not consistent in my practice and am still learning consistency, but the practice is always consistent with me. The healing and clarity it reminds me of is always there when I make the choice to allow it in. 

Not knowing what I wanted out of life led me down many different paths in my 27 years on this glorious planet – I like to say that I’ve taken the scenic route. I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. I’ve been blessed with a body that has a history of chronic aches and pains which gives me the ability to offer practices to help rid the body of these tensions and dis-ease. I’ve learned from my experience, more often than not, these tensions and “problem” areas blossom from an emotional root which has not yet been fully acknowledged and/or processed. My desire is to help hold space for these releases and transformations. 

I have a large vision of my future with my small business, the SimBLISSity Movement, which includes, but is certainly not limited to, offering yoga classes, workshops (food growing, food storing, food preserving, Ayurvedic topics, Yogic Philosophy), and much more as I continue down my own path of healing. 

I am always continuing my education via courses, as well as allowing life to be my teacher. I am a 200-hour RYT, as well as a Certified Horse Wisdom Yoga® Teacher. I have my Reiki Level 1 and will continue with those trainings, and I am studying to become an Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant. In the late winter of 2020, I moved from Ontario to Prince Edward Island, where my sister, her husband and I are building our homestead and our soon-to-be retreat centre. Our dream centre is rooted in mental, emotional and physical wellness; connection to one another, to self, to horses, and to nature; natural remedies; being self-sufficient; self-awareness and growth; and enjoyment of life in all its tides. 

I invite those who feel that what I’ve shared here resonates with their hearts to stay up to date with what we are working on via facebook and instagram. Website(s) to come. 


Thank you so much for reading. Best wishes, and the courage & strength to blossom, to all. 


With love, 

Emma Aadhya

Dawn Bio.jpg


Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada

As early as she can remember Dawn has been drawn to horses and their magic.

Living in the suburbs, she found herself escaping by bicycle out to the country. There she would find a field of horses and sit with them for hours while they grazed. On one occasion she was discovered by the owner. He offered her the opportunity to do chores in exchange for one-on-one horse time, saddle and bridle not included. Although Dawn found riding fun, it was never her passion. She longed to have a different kind of horse partnership.


Over the years, Dawn's parents insisted that she would out grow this “horse phase". Graduating from Laurentian University in 1991 with a Bachelor's of Science in Nursing in at the age of 22, Dawn made her first major purchase, a 15-year old Appaloosa gelding named Eclipse.


Horses came in and out of her life over the first few years. What she knew of horses came from the old Cowboy style – that horses must be "broken" and controlled at all times! This did not sit well with her. Dawn continued to seek the connection that came from a place of heart, not domination.


In 1999 Dawn purchased an 11-acre horse farm in NOTL and her herd continued to grow. She gave love and a haven for horses rescued from intolerable situations. Although those around her insisted that horses were for riding, Dawn spent her time in the fields working with her herd on a different level.



As a Registered Nurse in ER Trauma with a specialty in sexual assault/domestic violence, Dawn started seeing similarities between her rescued horses and the victims that came through the ER. A thought came to her - could victims of trauma be aided in recovery by horses?

This led Dawn to Wendy Golding of Horse Spirit Connections. There, through a program called FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning)® horses could indeed be healers. It was like a coming home for Dawn. This was what she had been preparing for her whole life! Rescuing horses and rehabilitating 

them so they could be empowered in helping humans heal and rediscover themselves. She Graduated in 2017 with Advanced training in 2018.


The initial FEEL sessions went well, Clients stated they left feeling lighter yet more grounded. Unfortunately some could not hold on to the self learning. They asked how they re-energize the learning between sessions as it was not like they could keep a horse in their backyard.

Dawn reflected on this, perhaps yoga held the key. She had been practicing yoga off and on for 20 years. When she saw the advertisement from Yoga by Sarah offering a 200 hour Teacher Training certificate with a focus on trauma recovery she signed up immediately. A gruelling 6 months later she graduated in 2019, exhausted and trying to determine how to tie it all together.

By luck or perhaps fate she came across The Big Red Barn Creativity and Wellness Centre and Fotini Chandrika’s Horse Wisdom Yoga Certified Teacher Training Program.


One phone call and Dawn realized she found the answer, Fotini was so easy to talk to and her belief system so inline with what Dawn was searching for. 

With the learning Dawn has received from this incredible program she will be able to help her Clients be successful on and off the Farm, more importantly help Horses share their infinite wisdom with Humans.


Dawn asked and the Universe provided. Immense gratitude.


Dawn and her herd can be found in Niagara-on-the-Lake on her 11-acre farm which is a haven for her horses as well a variety of other animals. Dawn has found the connection she sought with horses and herself. Together, Dawn and the horses help others reconnect with themselves in individual sessions and group workshops.

Dawn can be reached at Foxtrot Fields.


Tammy DeGraw


St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

Hello friends, my name is Tammy DeGraw. I have been extremely blessed in my life’s journey to have shared a connection with so many horses and people.

My path of Yoga, equine and pursuit of knowledge guided me to the Horse Wisdom Yoga® Certified Teacher Training. This training has been remarkably transformational for my equine family, and myself; its lessons have forged an even deeper bond between us. This course, and its findings, have enabled me to combine my life’s greatest gifts: my love for horses, and an endless desire to help people.

I still vividly remember my first magical moment with horses when I was four years old at my grandparent’s house. From that moment on, my heart and soul knew that I was meant to share a life with horses. On my fourteenth birthday, I was blessed to have my first horse; a beautiful gift that truly inspired the dream I now live. For the last 38 years, they have guided and supported me with their wisdom, through so many transitions in my life. The horses remind me daily, to have faith and trust in knowing I can achieve that which I believe.

My greatest passion is service to others. This started in my first career as a personal support worker for 25 years, where I was humbled by the opportunity to care for the elderly during periods of chronic illness, recovery and in many cases, palliative care. For the last ten years, I have been honoured to work in the Fire Services as a Firefighter and Fire Prevention Officer/Investigator.

I love learning, and am always looking for ways to enhance those around me, the horses and myself.

I am a Certified RYT-200-hour Yoga teacher. In addition, I have acquired my Reiki Level 1 and am a certified CYA-MT 100-hour meditation teacher.

My Equine family and myself invite you to a safe space to explore and discover your true-self through the energy of a horse to heart connection.  

“Horses helping Humans get to the heart of the matter within”

Facebook: Horse to Heart Yoga & Wellness

Instagram: @horsetoheartyoga


Jo Ann Koniuch


Alma, Ontario, Canada

Hello Fellow Wisdom Seekers!

I’m Jo … of At hOMe with Jo Yoga & Equine Guided Wellness Farm

Horses were part of my mental health care long before I could even articulate the phenomenon that was ‘going to the barn’! 

My parents gifted me my first pony at age 8, but I was 4 when I first expressed my need for a horse in my life … I don’t remember a time when they weren’t galloping through my mind, whisking me off on grand adventures, or saving me from the toil of being a mere mortal … in my life there has always been Horse, for that I am Blessed and Grateful!

My life as a fitness and wellness coach came on the heels of my teenage children’s constant urging to ‘Get a Life!’ 15 years ago!  At 4o I became a pole fitness instructor and opened a women’s fitness and empowerment studio.

The work of supporting women of all ages to find peace and sanctuary in their bodies, was so rewarding … I added Personal Trainer and Nutrition Specialist to my trainings when I discovered that you absolutely could not out train a bad diet!

I was very good at helping people manage their weight; but what became increasingly obvious to me was those women; and their weight, could benefit a whole lot more from an hour of gentle self acceptance, than an hour of butt kickin, boot camp n’ burpees!

I leaned into yoga, like really leaned in, I closed my brick and mortar and moved my business hOMe!  I was disillusioned with owning an ‘open to the public’ business, and had hit a point in my own healing journey where I needed more than to be slapping cookies outta clients’ hands to feel accomplished! 

My 200 RYT in 2017 was quickly followed with a 300-hour online training with Ashley Turner and her signature Yoga Psyche Soul … the Psychology of Yoga, the mental health aspect of yoga’s practices and the idea of deep healing was so incredibly in alignment with how I wanted to teach yoga, and then, along the way I had also found Fotini & Horse Wisdom Yoga®!

My training as a Horse Wisdom Yoga Certified Teacher in 2021 was the connective tissue; bringing my herd, my yoga and my desire to facilitate healing; all into clear focus!  At hOMe with Jo offers clients a variety of traditional yoga practices, but it also pushes women out of comfort zones, with Aerial Yoga and the all new TRX Yoga and now the offer to take clients on an even deeper exploration of their Self with the co-facilitation of my Herd!

I am deeply honoured to be working with my Herd; their unique personalities and individual medicine have been a real gift to witness as they embark on this new journey of sharing their Ancestral Wisdom!

My relationship with these incredible animals spans over 21 years.  Ginny & Jake guided my daughter and I through our respective competitive careers in Cutting & Barrel Racing 17 years ago; Lacey was foaled by Ginny in 2008 and Donkey & Eeyore, my two mini donkeys, we rescued in 2018! 

My Herd has travelled the last 22 years of my life with me; in joint experience and through daily interaction we share a lifetime of memories!  We have history, we have a shared wisdom in healing each other and we are so excited to be sharing it from our beautiful new studio here At hOMe!

Everyone deserves to feel At hOMe in their body, in their lives!

Find your ‘Journey with Horses’ experience at

Elyse McKague


Neustadt, Ontario, Canada

My name is Elyse McKague! I am a wife, a mom and have been a horse enthusiast for 25+ years. My relationship with horses started in the saddle when I was kid. Taking lessons, competing in the hunter/jumper ring and attending a wonderful camp dedicated to learning all about horsemanship and riding. In recent years I have been drawn to the grounding wisdom that horses can share with us when we are heart to heart. I still love a peaceful trail ride or schooling in the arena on a beautiful sunny day but I feel horses have more to tell us. I am here for it!

My academic studies led me to a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. A deep love of learning and a drive to understand human behavior matched well with my curious and dedicated personality. I enjoyed learning about the complicated psyche of humans in all stages of life, childhood to the elderly. Topics I have studied include ADHD, autism, depression and stress. 

I live on 100 acres of cash crop land near Hanover, ON. We grow corn, soybeans and wheat on our farm. We are fortunate to have beautiful walking trails, unspoiled nature, a creek, an indoor and outdoor riding arena and a cozy session room with a fireplace. I have two beautiful quarter horses; Gunner and Pearl. They are both unique in their gifts and personalities. Over the years I have developed a close relationship with my horses which allows me to facilitate rich sessions for my clients. I offer year-round yoga classes, retreats and Horse Wisdom Yoga sessions. All of my sessions are taught in a safe and professional manner. My aim is to provide a comfortable environment in which the horses reveal their magic. 

Whether you are seeking clarity on a specific issue, working through some personal difficulties or just love being around horses contact me for it all! Let's have some fun and cultivate love at HomeFarmYoga .


Elyse McKague, BA Psychology, RYT, HWYT

@homefarmyoga (on instagram)

heather bio 1.jpg


Livingston, Montana, USA

Heather received her Horse Wisdom Yoga Certified Teacher training in 2021, traveling from the States to Canada, Fotini and her Horse Teachers just one day after the Covid travel restrictions were lifted. The Horse Wisdom Yoga training was both an evolution and revolution for Heather. Her training was profound, deeply moving, at times mind-blowing and seemed quite divinely guided. This became a part of Heather’s shift in reshaping the next stage of her life… to pursue her dreams, life’s path and passions in helping others live their lives with love, joy, grace, abundance and authenticity. . . with the Horse. 


Growing up in the west coast of the United States, Heather earned her Bachelor of Science from the University of Nevada-Reno.  Her career pursuits then led her to Arizona, where she continued her education working towards her Master of Arts in Organizational Management and Development.  Heather stayed in the West, transferring from Arizona to Utah, until moving to New York City where she worked for a Fortune 100 company developing training programs for management groups and executive teams.  It was also here in New York that Heather met and married her husband, Andrew.


After 15 years, she decided to investigate options for her “next” profession.  Heather took the next several years traveling, studying and pursuing a career in ceramic sculpture.  She opened and ran teaching studios in both Maryland and Park City, Utah where she taught pottery, handbuilding and sculpture.  Once the babies came – a daughter and a son – Heather sold her art studio businesses to former students so she could stay home and raise the little ones.


One cold winter afternoon in 2013 just days before Christmas, her husband surprised Heather and the kids with a horse, named Shelley. Such a beautiful and amazing moment, yet with a meaning that was unbeknownst at the time - the Universe quietly planting a new seed on Heather’s heart.  Their small Horse family quickly grew to four, and Heather spent every day in quiet meditation with the Horses.  Heather marveled at the ability of the Horses to keep her in the now, helping her to be truly present in her life.  She didn’t quite know how or what was she was experiencing, but she knew something was happening – she could feel it deep down in her bones.


The seed that the Universe planted in 2013 became a reality in 2019 when Heather & Andrew purchased an old dude ranch in Montana, The 63 Ranch. With the ranch came 30+ retired dude ranch horses.  Their wisdom and the ancestral wisdom of those that lived and grazed this place before is something you feel deep down in your soul as your feet step onto this sacred land.  And so the journey began as the magic made its way in, and the Horse Teachers patiently began guiding Heather on her path – including to Fotina and the Horse Wisdom training in 2021.

Immediately after the HWY training, Heather started developing the Heart Horse Connection Retreats at the 63 Ranch­­­.  The Heart Horse Connection Retreat is one of self-discovery and self-awareness, helping participants to rediscover and understand their energy and their innate power and strength. Heather & the Heart Horse Teachers guide retreat guests on a beautiful journey of connection/reconnection with their "authentic self". The Horse Teachers help guests to revive and create new pathways to their inner state of joy and bliss. Horses patiently teach them to tune out so they may tune in, finding a simpler and more direct path to personal strength and serenity.

The ancient practice of yoga is beautifully integrated with the ancestral wisdom of the Horses, creating an empowering experience of reflection, discovery, abundance & transformation. Retreat guests also have the opportunity to experience Crystal Bowl Sound & Chakra Healing sessions, Reiki and Shinrin-yoku forest hikes.


Heather’s additional credentials include:


800+ hr. Certified Yoga Teacher:                University of Utah & Brett Larkin - Uplifted Yoga

                                                                                Certified Yin Yoga Teacher - Kassandra Reinhardt

                                                                               Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher - Anti-gravity Yoga

Reiki Master:                                                    Mikao Usui Usui Shiki Ryoho

Certified Sound Healing and                       

Crystal & Chakra Healing:                              Vicki Gould - Life Changing Energy

(all accredited through The Complementary Medical Association)





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