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I am still in awe of the session and blown away by what transpired. I knew it would be amazing! Thank you and the Herd for everything again, from the bottom of my heart. What a gift you all are!"

— Sam D.

Book a Private 1:1 Equine Guided Wellness Experience

Experience Horse Wisdom Yoga® and its philosophies outside in the field with the Horse Teachers. Learn to deeply connect with your authentic self through a heart opening experience with the Horse Teachers and creative self-expression. "Yoga is not about doing, it is about undoing". Allow the Horses to be your guide as you uncover the truth of your heart through intention, expression and reflection. Undo from patterns and beliefs that could be blocking  you from expressing the full potential of your best life with the support of The Sacred Horse.

$244 plus hst (approximately 1.5 hour session) Partner and group sessions also available. Please inquire for details.

Book a Private 1:1 Intuitive Wellness Session

Expand your self-awareness on this journey from head to heart through intuitive wellness, with Fotini Chandrika. You will be deeply heard and intuitively guided through her personal and professional experience and invited to welcome powerful healing arts and nature-based wellness practices into your daily life. Explore the power of reconnecting with your authentic self where wisdom and healing is innate to your being.

$175 plus hst (approximately one hour session available via telephone, Zoom or Facetime).

Book a Private 1:1 Reflective Reading from The Sacred Horse Cards

Meet virtually with Fotini and explore personal reflections from The Sacred Horse Cards. Bring along a question or challenge and allow the rest to unfold through the energetic, spiritual experience, guided by The Sacred Horse!  You do not need to purchase The Sacred Horse Cards and no Horse experience is necessary.

$77plus hst (approximately 20-30 minute session available via Zoom or Facetime).

Invite Fotini to Your Farm!

Invite us to visit you and your Horses and Animals as we explore holistic care, aromatherapy, connected heart communication, self-expression and our innate ability to offer energy healing to our Horses. Learn how to invite the principles and practice of Horse Wisdom Yoga® and The Sacred Horse™ into your barn and into your life! Private 1:1 and group sessions available.

Please contact us for details.

Create your Own Private Retreat 

Create your very own Horse Wisdom Yoga® retreat experience at the Red Barn Wellness Farm. Explore contemplative practice, expressive arts, enjoy delicious vegan meals and spend some time connecting deeply with your Self and with Nature! Please contact us for details.

Healing With Horses Day Retreat (10am-5pm)
Two Dates for 2023

August 12 & September 2

Are you curious about a different way of being with Horses?

Do you find yourself drawn to Horses when you see them on art, in magazines or grazing in the field?

Have you wondered why you always feel better when you are at the barn?

Do you feel like time stands still when you are with your horse?

In this retreat style workshop, you will learn the science and spirituality behind what you have experienced with Horses. You will learn how horses help us heal and also how to offer healing to horses. You will learn how horses communicate with humanity and how to deepen this heart-to-heart conversation with horses.

The Horses will thank you for taking the time to learn more about this special way of being together.

Investment $288
 plus hst
Includes all materials, wholesome plant-based lunch.
Space is limited to 4 participants..

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