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Information Session: Field of Wisdom®Facilitator Training


Field of Wisdom®Facilitator Training: Awaken to the Quantum Healing Power of Horses Become a part of the Equine Guided conscious evolution! Join Fotini Chandrika and The Sacred Horse in the Field of Wisdom for 12 weeks of intensive facilitator training. Tune into the quantum healing power of Horses that defies the limits of time and space. This groundbreaking training brings together the elements of science and spirituality with the ancient, sacred nature of Horse. The methods and insights shared in this program are evidence-based from over 10 years in the 'Field of Wisdom' with clients from all walks of life. More recently, Fotini has been holding sessions in the virtual field, thousands of miles away, with profound efficacy, proving that the Horses are tuned into a level of quantum consciousness that they are willing and able to share with us. This intuitive model requires no fancy arenas, round pens, halters or saddles. Simply BE with Horses in their true nature and help your clients remember their own true nature too! Participants are required to complete an application form, attend a minimum of 80% of the online classes and complete a practicum in the Field of Wisdom in order to receive their certification. If you are a wellness professional, coach, educator or guide and are hearing the whispers of Horse as a voice for planetary healing and awakening...this program is for you! Participants will learn how to facilitate Field of Wisdom® sessions in-person and virtually and receive a professional certification from Awaken With Horses International. ​Some of the topics covered will include: The Quantum Field of Consciousness The Power of Intention The Language of Synchronicity in Nature Somatic Awareness The Soul Language of Self-Expression Biofeedback with Horses Body Wisdom Trauma Awareness Constellations And more....

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